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  • Capture more feedback
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Gezoont is for providers that provide services or products to clients, customers, or patients of any age.

It’s inexpensive, easy to list, and a great way to get additional presence.

There is nothing out there just like us. We aim to fill in the gaps in information so parents, individuals, caregivers, providers, and others can find the services, therapies, activities, and products they need for those with special needs, disabilities, temporary needs, and long-term needs.

Yes. We want you to stay with Gezoont, but maintaining your claimed listing is your choice. We can’t think of (m)any reasons for you to leave!

We ask that you have a commitment to including those with differences, and it’s totally great to have a mix of patients/clients.

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Yes, however, remember that these are separate roles and you must maintain any privacy requirements you have towards your clients, customers, or patients.

Privacy is very important to Gezoont. The website is in a HIPAA compliant environment, however, compliance is still the responsibility of each provider. Please make sure to maintain all of your privacy, including HIPAA, obligations.

Contact us. Also, check out more FAQs on the About page.