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Acceptable Use Policy

Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

Gezoont allows Providers and Users to contribute different kinds of content, such as ratings, reviews, blog posts, comments, and more. The guidelines below apply to the content that you contribute, submit, or post to Gezoont. We are committed to keeping our site open, safe, caring, and respectful to others.

When you contribute to Gezoont, you agree to this Policy. Other Gezoont policies, such as our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Provider Terms of Service may also be applicable to you.

You agree that you will only contribute information that you believe to be true.

Prohibited Content

You may not contribute the following types of prohibited or unwelcome content. Content is prohibited that is:
• Illegal, infringing, tortious, or harmful;
• False, deceptive or misleading;
• Hate speech, or constitutes bigotry in any form;
• Lewd, pornographic, or sexually explicit in nature;
• Suggestive content involving minors;
• Abusive, obscene, offensive, defamatory, or libelous;
• Profane, or contains unnecessary personal criticisms;
• Spam or a mass mailing;
• Coercive, bullying, threatening or violent, or that encourages the same;
• Promotional material (if you would like to advertise, please contact us at [email protected]); or
• Private information of another provided without their permission (other than information about Providers).

Content is also prohibited that:
• Violates another party’s property, privacy, intellectual property, right of publicity, or other rights;
• Interferes with the operation, use, or enjoyment of any service, system or other property;
• Falsely states or implies that such content or material is sponsored or endorsed by Gezoont;
• Impersonates another person or purports to represent a person or organization (in each case, without permission);
• Solicits or facilitates any transaction or gift; or
• Asks for ratings or votes.

Conflicts of Interest

Your contributions should be unbiased. For example, do not submit reviews of your own business or employer, friends’ or relatives’ businesses, your peers or competitors in your industry, or businesses in your networking group.


Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate. Gezoont is not the forum for rants or off topic comments.

Your Own Content

Contributed content must be your own and not taken from anyone else.

Sole Responsibility

You are solely responsible for any information that you contribute to Gezoont.

Be Respectful

If you disagree with any content, including user comments, please do so respectfully.

Review Guidelines

Your reviews, ratings, and contributions should be accurate and reflect your personal experience.

Partial Lists

The foregoing prohibited content and behavior are partial lists. Gezoont reserves the right to investigate or take action in its sole discretion.

Flag Prohibited, Unhelpful, or Inappropriate Posts

If you see something inappropriate on Gezoont, don’t reply to it — let us know by email at [email protected] so that we can review it.

Enforcement and Removal of Content

Gezoont reserves the right to review, remove, delete, limit, change, or edit in its sole judgment any content which may violate Gezoont policies or which might be offensive, illegal, or might violate the rights of, harm, or threaten the safety of others.

Additional actions Gezoont may take include, but are not limited to, restricting or removing privileges associated with your account or temporary or permanent suspension of your account or access to the site.

Gezoont reserves the right to selectively publish your contributions or to remove or modify your contributions for any reason. Gezoont is not responsible for any failure or delay in posting or removing contributions.

Updates and Changes to this Policy

Your use of Gezoont constitutes your acceptance of any updates or changes to this Acceptable Use Policy.

Effective Date: October 20, 2019